Happenings December 12th

Andy Ricker of Pok Pok continues to garner praise for his fantastic cookbook.  Eat Ink the book is finally out, but we have to give a shout out to Andy Ricker and his book also released this season.  It is a unique and fantastic work and we aren't the only people who think so.  Here are just a few who agree:

ned ludd 5.jpg


Congratulations to Jason French on his restaurant Ned Ludd and its 5th anniversary!  


Carla Pellegrino to open her new restaurant, E11even, in Miami in February. Talk Night Life has a few pictures of the project in the works.


Dominque Crenn featured on the cover of Food Arts Magazine



Want a have a private Iron Chef-Style DInner for 4 in NYC by Marc Forgione for a good cause?  All proceeds go to supporting the Family Research Fund.  Bid Here.