Eat Ink: Recipes, Stories, Tattoos

A little over two years ago I (Birk O'Halloran) had the idea for what would become Eat Ink: Recipes, Stories, Tattoos. One night I met Daniel for a drink to talk about my idea for a book about chefs and their love of tattoos. Before the first beer was even finished we decided to make it happen.

First, Daniel flew to meet me in Brooklyn to do some test shots with a few chefs I know through my work in the wine business. We went on to design a brief to show off the idea and our capabilities. It turned out other people liked the idea as much as we did.  We signed with a top NYC literary agency and within two months got a deal with Adams Media to bring Eat Ink to life.

Since we signed to produce Eat Ink with our publisher last Spring, Daniel (photographer) has traveled from his home in Denver, Colorado to locations all over the US to photograph chefs, their ink and their food. Birk (creator/writer), a Brooklyn resident, listened to the chef's stories and gathered their recipes. 

Travelling across the US to New York (a few times), LA (twice), Chicago (twice), San Francisco (twice), Las Vegas (twice), Miami, Portland, Seattle, Boston, D.C., Denver, and few stops in between, we met some very interesting people who can cook with an amazing array of culinary prowess. We now want to share with you the stories and images of personal and culinary artistry these amazing chefs possess.

Eat Ink: Recipes, Stories, Tattoos is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2013. (Pre-Order Here)

Where we've been.

In the slideshow below we share some of the outtakes from the adventures that were a part of creating Eat Ink. From surviving blizzards in the Poconos trying to document a Mangalitsa hog demo event with Lee Anne Wong and Tomas Curi, to pop-up dinners that went all night with Brandon Baltzley, we loved making this book and hope you enjoy behind-the-scenes look at some of our amazing experiences.