Happenings August 28st

The latest updates on what some of the Eat Ink chefs are up to:

Andy Rickers new Whiskey Soda Lounge NYC opened August 19th.  We were lucky enough to swing by opening night and saw the great new space.  Large cocktail list and surprising amount of food options for the Pok Pok bar concept.  Read more about it on Eater's 5 Things you should know...

 Also... Andy Ricker and Pok Pok PDX are raising money for their valued team member Henry who was in a hit and run accident.  DONATE HERE

Brandon Baltzley is taking over Calgary's Winebar Kensignton starting August 26th for a full month.  Read all about it at Avenue: Winebar Kensington Welcomes New Chef

Chicken Liver Toast from Mar'sel @ LA Food & Wine via Serious Eats

Chicken Liver Toast from Mar'sel @ LA Food & Wine via Serious Eats

Serious Eats calls out Michael Fiorelli's Chicken Liver Toast from Mar'sel as one of their favorite bites from LA Food and Wine


Coming Soon

Seamus Mullen has a new location opening October 2013 in NYC'

s new Gotham Market.   El Colmado doesn't have a website yet, but you can check out update at their twitter.

Other coming attractions to the new space will include: The Daily Roadside, Ramen Junkie, The Cannibal - an offshoot of Christian Pappanicholas Murray Hill location, Court Street Grocers, Blue Bottle Coffee and more


Anthony Bucco and the Ryland Inn in NJ are looking for Line Cooks. 


September 1 - 9, 2013 Third Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Featuring Rick Tramanto.